lorde-vader: oh my gosh I just saw your video of your ferret and it is so adorable. I really really want them but are they a lot to handle? and I heard they smell bad but I can get past the smell, I just wanna know a bit about how to take care of them and stuff before I get one. if you don't mind giving me some tips and stuff that would be great :)

It depends what you consider a lot. They sleep a lot, my ferret sleeps for like 16 hours in a day and just party really hard for the remanding time. But while they’re awake, they seriously are relentlessness with their curiosity. If curiosity killed the cats, ferrets would be extinct. They will crawl and weasel their pays under dressers and anything where there is a hole they can squeeze their bodies into. In my old house, there was a hole under the kitchen counters & he’d crawl under it and just chill. That wasn’t bad or anything, I just scared me because what if he gets hurt I can’t help him & what if he gets stuck. You kind of have to child proof your house/room (depending on if you want to let him/her free-roam). I let my ferret run around my house, he doesn’t have a cage. I give him the ability to run around just like my dogs; which has its pros and cons. If your ferret isn’t litter trained then it will poop E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. My ferret is litter trained so he just goes to the litter box like a cat does. They’re very social animals so you really should (but not really a need) have some type of other animal it can socialize with. So I have my dogs, they’re both little toy dogs and they get along perfectly and play all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t work like that for people because their dog’s personalities or ferret’s personality isn’t right for the fit. In the 8 hours they’re awake, they will constantly be jumping onto whatever they can, chew on a lot of things, knock things over and scratch at doors/floors/rugs/carpet and wake you up  at the wee hours in the morning because he’s doing that (scratching). As for grooming, I don’t wash my ferrets a lot. Maybe once every 3 months at most and 2 baths per year with ferret shampoo from a pet store (least amount the better, if you wash too much they begin to stink even more)— I have no problem with the stinkiness of them, never bothered me but there are ways to cope if it is too much. It smells a lot better than a wet dog or cat. But you can use sprays that temporarily eliminate the odor but I just bought an air purified that was 90 bucks because my dad threw a bitchfit about the stinkiness and it just makes the room smell a lot better. Sometimes ferret will bite, my never have bit me or anybody unless they tried pulling on his tail. Sometimes when he’s playing with my dog (or even I), he will do this weird type of biting where it’s not biting (kind of like a dog) and it’s a sign of play. Don’t be scared. If (s)he bites, scratches or does something that is bad you can do things like saying “no!” (just like with a dog), use bitter spray (not really my fave), use a spray bottle, or scruff them. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE YOUR FINGER AND FLICK THEIR NOSE! I know people that constantly did this and it’s abuse. The only time I would ever sadly accept nose flicking is if the ferret was biting onto somebody and wasn’t showing any signs of letting go and the person was in serious pain and bleeding (ferret got bog gnarly teeth and can do that). That never happened to me or anybody I know personally but I know it can happen as I’ve seen from videos and forums. So a quick recap…


- ferret proof your house (no small items, shoes, or squeezable holes (s)he can get through

- minimize baths as much as possible (2 per year w/ ferret shampoo) 

- make sure your ferret and other pets if you have any get along; be very cautious 

- use air purified (if absolutely necessary)

- get into a habit of not leaving anything a ferret can move on the floor (ferrets love being collectors of shoes and such items)

- be cautious where you walk when/if you get one

- look online for help if something questionable happens

- understand they are rather needy with supervision or they get into mischief 

- give up your ferret and bring it back or to somebody that can handle it if you can’t give the time, care or for whatever reason 

- clip their nails but not be careful, if you have ever had a rabbit, you know never to cross the red/pink-ish line or they bleed in pain.

- give them tons of unconditional love, attention and toys


- flick their noses unless it is absolutely the last option and a person is in danger/bleeding from a bite

- leave them alone in a bath tub or stink

- squeeze them or handle them hard/aggressively (be gentle like you would with a baby)

- use dog or cat food for the ferret 

- give your ferret any latex toys

- assume something based on a different species behavior, always research

- grab their trail, lags or ears

- expect not to get bitten if you or anybody else does that ^

- spray anything in the ferrets eye 

- get mad when if your ferret wakes you up very early or does something bad, just stay level headed

- ever hit/kick or abuse your ferret or I will hunt you down and slaughter you

I think that’s it that I can think of, if you have anymore (specific) questions don’t be afraid to ask. This is really all I can think of for now! Good luck on deciding! :) 



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